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Marty Tribble is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, artist, musician and spiritual leader. Her approach to yoga honors its ancient roots while keeping in mind that you probably don't care as much about putting your leg behind your head as you do about feeling empowered to take on whatever life brings your way. When you work with her, you’ll experience yoga as a lifestyle that lays the groundwork for you to unleash your unique gifts and thrive.

Marty has practiced yoga since 2001, and has been teaching since 2013, logging 10,000+ hours in the yoga classroom. She has lead hundreds of interactive workshops, and appearing at some of the world’s largest yoga festivals, including Bhakti Fest and Hanuman Festival. She’s also presented for Yoga Rocks the Park, Festival of India, cOMmon Grounds Festival, Twin Cities Kirtan Festival and the Milwaukee Kirtan Festival, and at dozens of yoga studios across the United States. Marty holds certifications as a yoga teacher (E-RYT 200), bodyworker, life coach, yoga nidra teacher and Reiki Master Teacher.


Yoga Nidra

Discover YOGA NIDRA (yogic sleep), a state of awareness is extremely beneficial for resolving samskaras (habits or patterns), releasing deep rooted stress, creating mental clarity, energizing the body, and facilitating healing at a cellular level. It is said that one hour of yoga nidra can recoup 4 hours of traditional deep, uninterupted sleep. Learn how Yoga Nidra can been used for disciplinary practices as well, such as learning languages and reaching goals.

The state of nidra happens somewhere between waking and dreaming, that lulled state you sometimes experience during a good massage or just before falling asleep. The mind is very impressionable during this state (similar to hypnosis), facilitating deep healing of the mind and emotions, as well as releasing muscle tension that results from stress. You'll be guided gently  through the nidra experience by Certified Yoga Nidra Instructor, Marty Tribble, all while resting comfortably on the floor. Leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and inspired to step into a balanced version of you!

This guided relaxation experience is for everyone.

Lecture & Yoga Nidra Practice | 1.5 Hours

Chakra Study Immersion

Get to know yourself from the inside out.

The chakra system has long-informed Marty's day-to-day life and teaching style. Join her in an in-depth study of the chakra system, perfect for beginners and seasoned yogis alike. We will cover the seven major chakras (energy hubs or processors of the subtle body)  through lecture, introspection, discussion and asana practice designed to purify and activate the full potential of the subtle body. Discover how your thoughts, emotions, and life experiences left unexamined can create chronic pain and imbalance in the physical body + specific yoga asana (postures), introspection exercises and meditations to restore awareness and flow to these vital subtle energy processors.

Two presentation formats available:

Lecture & Discussion | 14 Hours

Lecture, Discussion & Asana Practice | 28 Hours

Living on Purpose

Forget resolutions. It’s time to join the revolution and learn to live on purpose!

Are you living on purpose? Do you feel you are on a clear path for unfolding your best life? Do you dream of a more empowered life experience? Maybe it’s the first time you’ve asked yourself these questions. Or perhaps you’ve pondered them for years, trying to navigate living in a fast-paced, external-driven Western culture while cultivating your inner life.

To create a change in your life experience, you must first be be clear in your vision. What is it you would like to experience in this coming year? The next five years? This lifetime? Clarity and insight enable us to take right action to see the necessary changes through to completion and reap the benefits or our dedication--like joy, peace, ease, health and contentment. Once we know what it is we are seeking, we can then use powerful tools of personalized affirmation and visualization to manifest the experiences we desire.

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn tools for stepping out of your own way, enabling you to instantly move forward on the path to realizing the life of your dreams.

 Workshop Format Includes:

• Interactive learning through informal lecture/group discussion/Q&A time.

• Powerful introspection exercises to cut through obstacles/resistance and empower your intention to live on purpose.

• Building a visual for your intention through words/photos on your  personalized vision board that you will take home and use daily in your 'home play' exercises.

• Creating a plan of action to fulfill your vision for living on purpose (including a support system, affirmations, meditations, and 'home play' exercises to ignite action)!

Lecture, Discussion & Creative Practice | 8 Hours

Leading Yoga at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Leading Yoga at the Milwaukee Art Museum.


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Presenting at Bhakti Fest Midwest in Madison, Wisconsin.

Presenting at Bhakti Fest Midwest in Madison, Wisconsin.


For a copy of Marty’s complete resume, please connect.

  • Certified Life Coach (2012) - Centered Spirit Coaching, Milwaukee, WI

  • Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher (2011) - Jennifer Reis Yoga, Stockbridge, MA

  • 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher (2010) - Yoga Alliance Approved 200 Hour Certification

  • Certified Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioner (2006) - Chicago School of Thai Massage - Chicago, IL

  • Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher (2005) - Diana McMann, Reiki Master

  • Certified Yoga Instructor (2003) - YogaFit Training Systems WorldWide - Hermosa Beach, CA

  • Certified Massage Therapist (2002) - Marquette School of Therapeutic Massage - Marquette, MI

Leading a retreat in Costa Rica.

Leading a retreat in Costa Rica.

Singing Kirtan during Hanuman Festival in Boulder, CO.

Singing Kirtan during Hanuman Festival in Boulder, CO.


Marty Tribble has presented both nationally and internationally at the following locations:

  • Greenville Yoga, Greenville, South Carolina

  • Zen Studios, Spartanburg, South Carolina

  • Asheville Yoga Center, Asheville, North Carolina

  • Vista Yoga, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Evolation Yoga, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Infinity Yoga, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Tranquil Heart Yoga, Houston, Texas

  • Ananda Yoga, El Paso, Texas

  • Tucson Yoga, Tucson, Arizona

  • Bhakti Fest West, Joshua Tree, California (2015)

  • The Yoga Experience, Flagstaff, Arizona

  • Yoga Studio Satya, Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Fountain of Health Yoga Studio, Pueblo, Colorado

  • Lotus House of Yoga, Omaha, Nebraska

  • The Yoga College, Sioux City, Iowa

  • Evolve Yoga & Wellness, Sioux City, Iowa

  • Shalom House, West Bend, Wisconsin

  • Root Down Yoga, La Crosse, Wisconsin

  • Kolibri Yoga, Brookfield, Wisconsin

  • Metaphysically Fit Fest, Yorkville, Illinois (2015)

  • Live Work Yoga, Chicago, Illinois

  • Bhakti Fest Midwest, Madison, Wisconsin (2012, 2015)

  • Hanuman Festival, Boulder, Colorado (2015, 2016)

  • Karma Yoga Center, Denver, Colorado

  • Yoga Loft, Boulder, Colorado

  • Purple Yoga, Tustin, California

  • Bhakti Yoga Shala, Santa Monica, California

  • Exhale, Venice, California

  • Jivamukti Yoga, Charleston, South Carolina

  • AriZen Yoga, Beaufort, South Carolina

  • Amsa Yoga, Columbia, South Carolina

  • Southern Bliss Yoga, Sumter, South Carolina

  • Vibrant Life Yoga, Greenvile, South Carolina

  • Yoga Den, North Charleston, South Carolina

  • Mission Yoga, Charleston, South Carolona

  • Jiva Yoga Center, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

  • Shanti Yoga Studio, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  • Inlet Yoga, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

  • Yoga Divita, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  • Soul Flow Yoga, Spartanburg, South Carolina

  • Project 7 Yoga, Orlando, Florida

  • New World Wellness & Yoga, Orlando, Florida

  • Inspirit Studio, Orlando, Florida

  • Yoga SRQ, Sarasota, Florida

  • Yoga Loft, Tampa, Florida

  • Love Yoga Center, Naples, Florida

  • Sole Serenity Yoga, Franklin, Wisconsin

  • Invivo Wellness, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Saffron Yoga Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Pink House Studio, Milwaukee, WIsconsin

  • Kirtan with Ragani (back-up vocalist 2012-2015)

  • Twin Cities Annual Kirtan Fest, Minneapolis, Minnesota (2013)

  • Hot Yoga Naperville, Naperville, Illinois

  • Milwaukee Global Mala, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2011, 2013)

  • Yoga @the Museum, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2013)

  • Country Springs Hotel via Life Without Pain, Pewaukee, Wisconsin

  • Pura Vida, LLC, Appleton, Wisconsin

  • Soliel Lune Yoga Center, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

  • Bliss Flow Yoga, Madison, Wisconsin

  • Perennial Yoga, Middleton, Wisconsin

  • YogaRoots Racine, Racine, Wisconsin

  • Abhyaasa Yoga, Napierville, Illinois

  • Heaven Meets Earth, Evanston, Illinois

  • The Himalayan Yoga Institute, Chicago, Illinois

  • The Christine Center, Willard, Wisconsin

  • The Goddess Garden Retreat Center, Cahuita, Costa Rica

  • Devanadi Yoga, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Greenbody, LLC, St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Elements Yoga & Wellness Studio, Onalaska, Wisconsin

  • Sun Moon Yoga, Mankato, Minnesota

  • Common Grounds Yoga & Music Festival, Taylors Fall, Minnesota

  • Fusion Yoga & Music Festival, Napierville, Illinois

  • Bhakti Fest Midwest, Madison, Wisconsin (2012, 2015)

  • Strive Yoga, Mequon, Wisconsin

  • Inner Sun Yoga Studio, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

  • Fitness & Wellness Coop, Waukesha, Wisconsin

  • Tosa Yoga, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

  • Reaching Treetops Yoga, Waukesha, Wisconsin

  • Tammy Z's Yoga, La Crosse, Wisconsin

  • Point Yoga, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

  • Yoga Rocks the Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2012)

  • Festival of India, Stevens Point, Wisconsin (2012, 2013)

  • The Yoga Society, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Kirtan Fest Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2012)

  • Milwaukee Global Mala, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2011, 2013)

  • The Chakra House, Madison, Wisconsin

  • CYGA yoga + cycling, Shorewood, Wisconsin

  • Astor Street Dance Studio, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Marigold Yoga, llc, Ripon, Wisconsin

  • Copper Tree Wellness Studio, Hartford, Wisconsin

  • River Cities Community Center, Marinette, Wisconsin

  • It's All About You, Baraboo, Wisconsin

  • Bay Area Yoga Center, Green Bay, Wisconsin

  • Every Body's Yoga, Green Bay, Wisconsin

  • Treetop Yoga, llc, Sussex, Wisconsin

  • The Soul Source, West Bend, Wisconsin

  • YogaOne, Fox Point, Wisconsin

  • Yama Yoga Studio, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Core Essence Yoga, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • lululemon athletica, Historic 3rd Ward Showroom, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • The Center for Conscious Living, Madison, Wisconsin

  • Rolling Spirit/The Atrium, Greendale, Wisconsin

  • YogAsylum, Brookfield, Wisconsin

  • Quarry Arts, Madison, Wisconsin

  • Body in Balance, Madison, Wisconsin

  • A Perfect Knot, Madison, Wisconsin

  • Jewel in the Lotus Yoga, Madison, Wisconsin

  • Spies Public Library, Menominee, Michigan

  • Rapid River Lodge, Rapid River, Wisconsin

  • Bay Area Medical Center, Marinette, Wisconsin

  • Hennes Park 100th Anniversary Celebration, Menominee, Michigan

  • Marinette Law Enforcement Center, Marinette, Wisconsin

  • MBank, Stephenson, Wisconsin

  • Maple Aires Community Center, Stephenson, Michigan

  • Wausaukee School District, Wausaukee, Wisconsin

  • Marinette High School, Marinette, Wisconsin

  • Marinette Middle School, Marinette, Wisconsin

  • Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College/Wisconsin Job Center, Marinette, Wisconsin

  • Wisconsin Department of Human Services, Marinette, Wisconsin

  • Blue Bike Burrito, Marinette, Wisconsin

  • The Serving Spoon, Menominee, Michigan

  • The Yoga Center of Menominee, Michigan (owner 2003-2007)





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